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The Rare Beer Club

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The king of premium beer clubs—offering elite, hard-to-find beers from the best American craft brewers and leading international breweries.

What We Like

Best. Beer. Ever. Expect top-notch beers that are hard to find and the ultimate in flexibility via the Personalized Shipment Program


We don’t have any suggestions for what to improve with The Rare Beer Club. They nailed it.

This beer club is...

What you get

2 styles of world-class artisanal beer, Door-to-Door Delivery, and Rare Beer Club Newsletter

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Shipment Frequency

Monthly Bimonthly Quarterly

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The Rare Beer Club Review

Carefully reviewed by Beer of the Month Club Specialists on 3/8/2013 and updated on 9/7/2016

OMG. Rare Beer. So exciting!!
OMG. Rare Beer. So exciting!!

The brewmasters at The Rare Beer Club love beer—and it shows. They pride themselves on their careful selection of artisanal beers and thorough vetting of both emerging and established craft breweries to ensure that with each shipment you’re getting two of the best beers in the world. Let’s break it down:

Rare. The beers you receive each month are often produced in limited quantities, are exclusive releases, or sometimes are so rare that they’re only made once. For example, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” annual vintage by The Bruery is brewed once each year and never again. So yeah, that’s a rare beer.

Beer. The beers shipped out in The Rare Beer Club are some of the finest brews in the world. With every shipment you get two different styles of beer that have been carefully curated by a panel of beer experts. You’ll find award-winning brews like the Bellerose (gold medal at the International Beer Challenge in 2011 & 2012) and beers receiving exceptional scores at (a “99” for Flanders Fred, a “99” Rodenbach Vintage 2010, etc.).

We've received and tasted many shipments!
We've received and tasted many shipments!

All beers come in 750 ml bottles and most are cork finished and wire caged (similar to how a champagne bottle is corked). Every selection is exceptional—whether it is not yet distributed in the US, can be cellar-aged, or is pushing the envelope of craft brewing creativity and ingenuity.

Club. The Rare Beer Club Newsletter, and reorder discounts mean that great beer and club members come first.

OMG. Rare Beer. So exciting!!
OMG. Rare Beer. So exciting!!

As a member of The Rare Beer Club you also receive reorder discounts and access to exclusive quarterly special offers. Not only do you have the opportunity to reorder the hard-to-find beers featured in this club, you get to reorder them at a club member’s discount.

Also, The Rare Beer Club team will occasionally send out special offer newsletters giving members access to additional beers from world-class breweries—they want to ensure a range of breweries are featured and so are very selective about repeating breweries, the special offers are a way for club members to access new beers from their favorite brewers throughout the year.

The only downside to The Rare Beer Club is that the best beer in the world can be a bit pricey (over $20 per bottle if you order the 2-bottle subscription or gift). It’s a fair price considering the exceptional quality and the additional club benefits, but you pay a premium for the best.

Another shipment, of yes, Rare Beer!
Another shipment, of yes, Rare Beer!

Want to make it IPA-only?

The Rare Beer Club can be customized to be an IPA-only beer club. At the time of this review, that means extra work for you or your gift recipient each month BUT it also means only getting IPAs (or other hoppy beers) in every shipment.

  1. Join the Rare Beer Club
  2. Check the Current Featured Beers page at their website on the 1st of the month each month to view the eight microbrewed beers they're offering.
  3. Call customer service at 800-625-8238 and let them know how you’d like to customize your order.

This is the best option for IPA-lovers of any beer of the month club, because the other clubs, when they allow personalization at all, only allow you to skip shipments, not customize them!

Want more IPA-only info? Please visit their IPA beer of the month club page.

Another awesome shipment of rare beer
Another awesome shipment of rare beer

Feedback from the Beer Enthusiast

The Rare Beer Club Newsletter is witty, informative, and full of entertaining stories. Here’s an excerpt to give you a sense of the blend of insight and humor that define the newsletter:

“German breweries long ago started a tradition of applying the suffix “-ator” to doppelbock beers—hence the name applied to this beer: Prostator. Unfortunately, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, is either unaware of or doesn’t much care for this tradition, as they rejected the label for this beer citing that the name “Prostator” was too similar to the name of what might be a medication, and seemed to imply some form of health benefit. This had threatened to derail or delay the release of this beer, but the TTB was ultimately satisfied by the addition of the following words to the label: “provides no medical benefit to the prostate.” Sheesh… Maybe we beer folk should get upset when we come across pharmaceuticals ending in “tor” that aren’t doppelbock flavored…”

The Rare Beer Club offers hard-to-find beers, emphasizes quality and creativity, and provides exceptional benefits to club members. If you like beer, you’ll love The Rare Beer Club.

Recently Shipped Beers

Beer Name Beer Style
Birra San Martino
La Gold Honey-infused Bock
Blue Mountain Barrel House
(United States)
Chocolate & Coffee Aged Dark Hollow Imperial Stout
Brouwerij De Ranke
Noir de Dottignies Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Brasserie des Sources
Bellerose Biere de Garde
Grand Teton Brewing Company
(United States)
Bourbon Barrel Aged Black Cauldron Russian Imperial Stout
Brasserie Dubuisson
Scaldis Triple Tripel
The Bruery
(United States)
5 Golden Rings Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Brouwerij Rodenbach
Rodenbach Vintage 2010 Sour Ale
De Proef Brouwerij & Hair of the Dog Brewing Company
Flanders Fred Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Brouwerij De Molen
Zomerhop American IPA

Gift Review

Benefits of giving The Rare Beer Club as a gift include:

We highly recommend The Rare Beer Club both for beer connoisseurs and beer rookies because everyone can appreciate the best beers in the world. It doesn’t take a sophisticated palette to be impressed with the delicious beers featured in this club.

This club emphasizes quality and not quantity. The recipient will receive 2 different beer styles in 750 ml bottles (the same size as a wine bottle) instead of a dozen 12 oz bottles.

Tip #1: Sign up for the 2-bottle gift shipment. The Rare Beer Club makes it very easy to reorder your favorite beers and also notifies the recipient before shipments go out. If the beer lover you’re giving this gift to sees a beer he wants more of he can always reorder it before it ships. We think it’s better to reorder when you want, instead of having extra bottles of a beer you’re not as passionate about.

Tip #2: Buy a subscription for yourself, it’s that good. Seriously!

This is an outstanding gift whether you’re buying for a seasoned beer collector or for someone new to craft beer.

Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

Things to know

Limited Time Special Offer
Take $10 off any 4-shipment order, $15 off any 6-shipment order, and $25 or any 12-shipment order! All orders of 3-shipments or more include a bonus Bartender's Bottle Opener (a $14.95 value). Use coupon codes SAVE10, SAVE15, and SAVE25 at checkout.

  • Shipping is extra
  • The World's Best Hand-Selected Rare Beers
  • The Personalized Shipment Program ensures you only receive the beers you want to get
  • Large format 750 ml bottles
  • Reorder discounts available for your favorite beers

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From the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club Website

The Rare Beer Club

The Rare Beer Club’s mission statement is quite simply to bring you the best craft beers that the world has to offer. And certainly no one had more knowledge and experience with artisanal beers than Rare Beer Club founder Michael Jackson, whom The Wall Street Journal referred to as “The World’s leading beer critic.”

It’s an exciting time to be a beer lover. Passionate, creative, artisanal brewers around the world are returning to often-forgotten traditions without compromising on ingredient quality to cut costs. They’re leading the way in creating new styles by experimenting with unusual ingredients, blending aged beers, aging beers in bourbon barrels, and imparting other innovative brewing techniques.

We at Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club take great pride in providing our members with beers that not only speak of world-class brewing and artisanship, but also allow the unique pleasure of, in many cases, experiencing a foreign brewing culture for the first time.

As a member of The Rare Beer Club, you’ll get:

The World’s Best Hand-Selected Rare Beers
Our tasting panel, once headed by Michael Jackson, is a tough lot to impress. Collectively, they have over 100 years of experience in the brewing industry, from heading brewing operations at BJ’s Brewhouse, a 100+ location brewpub chain, to judging at the Great American Beer Festival. They rate each prospective selection only knowing its style and not where it was brewed. Our blind-tasting format assures no prejudices sway our goal of identifying extraordinary beers.

Limited-Release, Celebratory Beers and Exclusive Selections
All of our selections are presented in 750 mL bottles; most are also cork finished and wire caged. We often help introduce products to the US market so you'll be the first to try them. You’ll also get beers brewed exclusively for our members, like Jolly Pumpkin’s Lupulo de Hielo, an oak-aged spiced blended ale.

Imperial and Extreme Beers
Many brewers are now offering beers to consumers in small-batch releases that were once enjoyed only by their inner circles. Imperial or Extreme beers are often bigger versions of existing styles. More malt, more hops, and much higher ABVs, some of which exceed 12%. They are often complex, celebratory offerings, meant to be shared and sipped as you would enjoy a fine spirit.

Selections You Can Age
Many selections will offer high enough hop acidities and ABVs to allow them to be laid down and aged. Members can easily reorder their favorite selections, set them aside, and see how they’ve matured in months and even years to come.

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