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Comprehensive Beer Club Buying Guide

What you should know before buying a beer of the month club

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Best Beer of the Month Clubs

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Best Beer Club Award-Winner!

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Craft Beer Club
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Published: 3/8/13

Beer Club Guide Overview

  • Tips for Joining Beer Clubs
  • Beer of the Month Clubs
  • Brewery Beer Clubs
  • Who shouldn’t join a beer club

Beer of the month clubs are one of the best ways to learn about craft beer. Craft brewing continues to grow in popularity and you’ll find that joining a beer club puts you in position to learn about emerging breweries, new brewing techniques, and of course the enjoy the top microbrews around. There are a lot of beer clubs out there, some offered by local beer shops and others with a national scope—this guide will help you choose the best club for your tastes and budget.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Beer Club

  • Shop by State
    It is highly recommended that you start your search for a beer club by looking for Beer Clubs That Ship to your State. Because of the complexity of interstate liquor laws in the United States, not every beer club can ship to every state and you don’t want to be disappointed after you find the perfect beer club that they can’t ship to your state. The majority of brewery beer clubs only ship within their state because of the cost and hassle of shipping out of state.
  • Ship to your Office
    Beer club shipments must be signed for by an adult who is at least 21 years old. Unless you have somebody at home who can sign for the shipment, we recommend having your beer club shipped to your office. It can be frustrating playing tag with the shipping company, especially when the box is full of delicious craft beers!
  • Form Your Own Opinion
    This sounds obvious but with so many passionate fans and judges of craft beer it’s easy to get caught up in what everybody else is drinking and raving about and forget to trust your own beer gut. You don’t have to love Pliny the Younger, heck you don’t even have to like IPA’s. If you enjoy lighter beers, go for it! The best beer clubs are going to put a variety of beers in front of you for a reason—so you can develop your own palette and your own opinion of the delicious craft brews being made today. Once you develop a sense of the styles you like and dislike, contact your beer club and let them know since most clubs will record your styles preferences so that they can ensure they only send you beers that you’ll enjoy.
  • Be Open-Minded
    Don’t expect to love every selection a beer club sends you. A good beer club should send you beer styles you’ve never tried before because that’s part of the discovery and fun of having a beer club. You’ll learn which styles are your favorites and which ones don’t rock your boat, but keep an open-mind. You might surprise yourself and find a new area of the craft beer world worth exploring.
  • Sample Different Beer Clubs
    If you can’t decide which is “the club” for you, don’t worry. Just choose one club to start with for a short period of time either by signing up for a 1-month subscription or by signing up for an ongoing subscription and cancelling if you’re unimpressed. Almost every beer club has a no-hassle cancellation policy that can be used at any time so you can easily pull the plug on an under-performing beer club. This strategy will allow you to sample several different club offerings and decide for yourself which one is best (please let us know which one you liked best and we can compare notes).

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying beer at home in a convenient and exciting way!

Go ahead and start by checking our Overall Best Beer Clubs.

Beer of the Month Clubs

The most common and most popular beer clubs are run by companies that operate nationally and can afford the costs of maintaining licenses, distribution relationships, and the other overhead required to cope with the complex alcohol shipping laws in the U.S. The majority of the beer clubs reviewed by Beer Clubs & Gifts are clubs that can operate across most of the country versus the smaller state-specific beer clubs (even though we do review and cover local Brewery Beer Clubs as well).

Brewery Beer Clubs

We’re encouraged to see some of the top breweries in the country launching their own beer clubs to make it easier for fans to enjoy new releases and stay connected to the brewery. These smaller beer clubs often only ship within their home state, which is one reason why we recommend shopping by state.

We’ll continue to add new Brewery Beer Clubs as they come to our attention.

Submit a Beer Club for Review by Beer Clubs & Gifts

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Buying Beer Directly from Breweries

Craft breweries often rely on distributors to get their beers out in the world, but a few of them allow you to order directly. Note, however, that most breweries can only ship beer within their home state, which is another reason to join a beer club and get those rare and interesting beers not available in your state! Check out our Beer Club Shipping Cost Guide to understand the high cost of shipping beers and why there are relatively few Brewery Beer Clubs.

Who Shouldn’t Join a Beer Club?

If your local beer store has excellent distribution and you prefer not to rely on expert brewmasters to suggest new beers then you probably won’t enjoy being a member of a beer club. Another reason why you might not want to join a beer club is if you only like a few styles of beer and are very particular in your tastes. While beer clubs encourage you to note your preferences so they can tailor selections to your palette if you’re a fan of a specific type of beer that you can get at your local store, then keep it simple and buy from the store! There are some beer clubs that allow you to select from their entire range of beers each month, effectively giving you ultimate customization and convenience via delivery, but you know best if that kind of club is a good fit or not.

The Next Step in Finding the Perfect Beer Club

Because judging beer is very subjective, we emphasize the importance of figuring out what kind of beer you like. To help you in your goal of finding your perfect beer we review the best beer clubs in the country so that you can have the top beers in the country and in the world delivered right to your door.

A good place to start your search for the perfect beer of the month club is our List of Best Beer Clubs.

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