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Beer Club Bottle Sizes: Big Beers or 12 oz. Beers?

Making Sense of One of Life’s Most Important Questions

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Best Beer Club Award-Winner!

Best Big Beer of the Month Clubs

The Rare Beer Club
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Published: 3/8/13

Small beer bottles will tell you “it just matters how you use it” while the big beer bottles try to hold in the belly laugh.

The real answer? Beer bottle sizes don’t matter all that much. Now I’ll tell you more than you ever wanted to know about beer bottle sizes.

Beer Club Bottle Sizes

Beer clubs ship a great variety of beer bottle sizes, but you can’t judge quality based on bottle size.

11.2-oz Beer Bottles—“Stubby”

Stubby’s typically range in size from 11.2 to 12.7 ounces (330 to 375 mL). Think of these as “European” beer bottle sizes since that’s where they are used most often. You’ll see these bottles in some shipments of International Beer Clubs and they’re close enough to a 12-oz bottle that we don’t call them out separately in our beer club reviews. These smaller bottles were also used widely in Canada in the 1960’s and 1970’s. If you want to take a trip down Canadian beer bottle memory lane then check out Leonard Whistler’s website for a cool photo gallery of old-timey stubby beer bottles.

12-oz Beer Bottles—“Longneck”

The 12-oz bottle is the most popular beer bottle size among American craft brewers and is the standard single serving for beer. The longneck is your typical American beer bottle. The majority of beer clubs opt for the 12-oz bottle size.

One of the advantages of the 12-oz bottle is that you can hold the beer by the “longneck” and avoid transferring the heat from your hand to your beer. Sure you’ll drop more beers holding it by the neck and get a few sideways looks from other people at the bar, but don’t worry about those heathen beer drinkers and their warm beers!

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22-oz Beer Bottles—“Bomber” “Rocket” “Deuce-deuce” “Deucer”

The big 22-oz bottle (a.k.a. bomber, rocket, deuce-deuce, deucer) encourages sharing. Some breweries choose to offer limited edition and specialty beers only in the 22-oz size.

While not the most common beer bottle size for beer clubs, the 22-oz bottle works really well in clubs because it gives you more than a single serving, but less than a 750 mL bottle. What’s nice about this size is that if you like the beer, you get more than a standard 12-oz bottle and if you don’t like the beer it’s still only one bottle you’re losing (instead of the 3 or 6 12-oz bottles you get with your standard 12-oz beer club). We’d like to see more beer clubs offering the 22-oz bottle size because this bottle format encourages discovery of certain limited edition craft beer releases. Also, big bomber beers are fun.

750mL Beer Bottles

World-class, artisan beers are often bottled in the large format 750mL bottle. Perfect for sharing with two or more people the 750 mL is the same size as a bottle of wine. The Rare Beer Club, our favorite premium beer club, only ships beers in the 750 mL format.

The 750 mL bottle lends itself to sharing at a restaurant in the same way that you’d share a bottle of wine. So class it up with these large format beers and spread the craft brew gospel.

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Published: 3/8/13

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