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The International Beer Club Guide

Finding the best Belgian, German, and British Beer Clubs

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Best International Beer Clubs

International Beer Club
by Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

Beer Club Rating: This Beer Club is rated 3.5 stars

Beer without borders—this beer club focuses on high-quality imported beers from across the world with an emphasis on the popular German and Belgian beer styles.

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Published: 3/8/13

The World of World Beer Clubs

Whether you call it an imported beer of the month club, an international beer of the month club, or our favorite, a world beer club we think there’s a lot to say for enjoying a brewski from another country every once in awhile. You’ll learn more about beer by comparing brewing styles from across the globe and the exposure to favored international styles will enhance your appreciation and understanding of the beer styles you see from American craft breweries.

In general, a World Beer Club is going to cost more than an American Beer Club and a major driver for the difference is the shipping cost of getting those beers delivered from overseas. It’s also more likely you’ll see the 11.2 oz beer bottle size because a 1/3 liter is a natural increment in the metric system (check out Beer Club Bottle Sizes for more information).

Belgium Beer of the Month Clubs

Receiving world-famous Belgian beers in the mail every month is a great reason to sign up for one of our World Beer Clubs. We recommend The Rare Beer Club if you’re looking for a Belgian beer club because in the past they’ve sent beers from famous Belgium breweries including Rodenbach and De Ranke. While the club doesn’t focus exclusively on Belgian beers they do regularly feature them. The Belgian-style ales are becoming increasingly popular here in the states and if you like farmhouse ales you’ll be glad you signed up for a Belgium beer club.

German Beer of the Month Clubs

Are you looking for a German Bierclub? Because of Germany’s rich beer-making history it’s relatively easy to find an international beer club that features German beers. Check out our World Beer Clubs and pick any club. On the review page you will find a “Recently Featured Beers” section that tells you the country of origin of recent beer shipments from that club. In general the International Beer Clubs we review feature German beers between 20% and 40% of the time. So grab your lederhosen and beer stein and sign up for the best German Beer of the Month Club!

British Beer of the Month Clubs

While not featured as often as Belgian and German beers, you’ll still find beers from England pop up in most World Beer Clubs. Again, check out the “Recently Featured Beers” list to find the closest match to a British Beer Club.

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