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IPA Beer of the Month Club Guide

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Best IPA Beer of the Month Clubs

IPA Beer Club
by Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

Beer Club Rating: This Beer Club is rated 4.5 stars

Hop-heads will love the award-winning IPA's, Imperial IPA's, and red ales available via the Craft Beer Club.

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Updated: February 7, 2017

We found one!!

If your favorite beer drinker is "IPA only" we gleefully recommend the

Buy it today and save with these promo codes:
HOPS12 - $12 off prepaid orders of 4 shipments or more
HOPS18 - $18 off prepaid orders of 6 shipments or more
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or keep reading to learn
how to shop for beer of the month clubs
for IPA-lovers who drink other kinds of beer, too.

This guide will help you choose a beer of the month club gift or one-time beer gift for your favorite IPA-lover.

Popular Beer of the Month Clubs for IPA-Devotees

IPA & Hoppy Beers for the IPA-lover
IPA & Hoppy Beers for the IPA-lover

The Hop Heads Beer Club is focused on American IPA and similar styles including Double IPA, Session IPA, IPL, Imperial IPL, Session IPL, hoppy Pale and Red Ales. Each month there are fun beers to try with great tasting notes and opportunities to reorder favorite selections.

The Beer of the Month Club has been around a long time and is run with an impeccable history of beer excellence.

They don't offer a lot of bells and whistles, but the beer experience is unusual and worth every penny.

IPA in Almost Every Shipment
IPA in Almost Every Shipment

The Original Craft Beer Club highlights prestigious and unknown craft breweries alike. Each shipment features four different styles of beer (there's usually an IPA in the mix) like Pilsners, Red Ales, Pale Ales, Stouts, Lagers, and unusual selections, too.

The Original Craft Beer Club is BY FAR the most popular beer club gift on our site and we've never received a complaint from someone who bought this club based on our recommendation.

There's a lot of value in giving this beer of the month club as a gift, starting with the fun freebies your recipient gets—buy a 3-month gift and the freebie is a GREAT bottle opener (it's our favorite, and we have many), buy a 6-month gift and they'll also get four beer tasting glasses (a great way to share the experience with friends, or you!), and if you buy a 12-month gift for $443 plus tax (shipping is free) they'll get both free gifts and you'll save $25.

IMPORTANT SECRET TIP: The Original Craft Beer Club and The U.S. Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club both include IPAs in almost every shipment (sometimes more than one) and both clubs will allow customers to skip shipments if they don't include IPAs—just call customer service and ask them to make a note in the file right after you order.

IPA-only Beer Gifts

If you're not sure a non-IPA option is the best gift for your IPA-lover, try these one-time gifts instead—it's all IPA all the time for some people, and that's okay, we've got you covered!

Double the Beer & Snacks by The Bro Basket
Double the Beer & Snacks by The Bro Basket

Double means you pick TWO six-packs of beer to give. The brewery selection is fantastic, whether it's domestic favorites like Bud, Shocktop, or Blue Moon; craft favorites like Lagunitas, Stone, or Lost Coast; or import favorites like Corona, Stella Artois, or Heineken. Lots of IPA options, really great ones, too! Gift comes with a free personalized greeting card and they have many last-minute shopper shipping options for getting it there on the big day.

Buy the Double the Beer & Snacks Gift or
Shop more awesome beer gifts at The Bro Basket

Bear Republic Beer and Snacks Gift Basket
Bear Republic Beer and Snacks Gift Basket

We like the Bear Republic Beer and Snacks Gift Basket. The basket includes a six-pack of the popular Racer 5 IPA and six different California-inspired snacks. The Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA in this basket was rated 99 out of 100 by RateBeer and continues to rank among the most popular hoppy beers at Beer Advocate because of its outstanding drinkability.

Craft Beer Tasting Kit
Craft Beer Tasting Kit

The very first time we received a beer gift, it came with tasting glasses. It was so much fun, we break 'em out for company all the time. This craft beer tasting kit comes with everything you could need to have a little tasting party for four—glasses, tasting panel, bottle opener, and snacks—but it gets even BETTER when you see the great beer selection. Stick with the Figueroa Mountain selection, or pick your IPA lover's favorites from Surf Brewing, Modern Times, Firestone Brewery, Stone Brewing, Sierra Nevada Brewery, Saint Archer, or Anchor Brewing.

Buy the Craft Beer Tasting Kit or
Shop more awesome beer gifts at The Bro Basket

Want an even bigger selection?
Shop all of our handpicked beer gift baskets.

Get drinking already! Check out the Best Beer Clubs for IPAs if you are a hophead or buying a gift for one. offers a lengthy explanation of why IPAs are so popular, if you want to read it, but here's our summary version: Sipping on an IPA is a drinking experience, where (sometimes) sophisticated flavors and higher alcohol content leads to a satisfying "session." We also think some folks always order IPAs because they're cool and they have a pretty good idea of what they're going to be drinking (something hoppy and likely very bitter)—wine ordering habits are similar, people stick with what they know.

The great news is that the best beer clubs share the same ideals—each beer should be a drinking and learning experience, with new flavors and aromas to discover. By giving a beer lover a beer of the month club as a gift, you're advancing their beer knowledge and introducing them to new types of beer they might not have heard of or tried before.

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