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For Beer Club Managers

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Your conversion rates matter to us!

When you choose where to spend your marketing dollars, we know you’re looking at your conversion rates and measuring return on investment, so we do everything we can to make your conversion rates higher. We only buy high-quality traffic—customers who are researching or buying. We actively work against “accidental traffic.”

We provide as much of your information as we can on our site so there’s no need for potential customers to click through until they’re ready to buy or give your brand a close inspection. We allow potential customers to filter by “Ship To State” so they only are shopping for clubs that they could realistically purchase.

We provide you with opportunities to increase exposure and traffic

Easy 2-Step Process to Have your Beer Club Reviewed

Ready to get your beer clubs on Great! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Submit a request on the Contact Us page telling us about your beer club(s) and whether or not you have an affiliate program. If you’re not currently working with an affiliate program network then sign up with one of the following:
  2. Ship us a complimentary shipment of your beer club so we can evaluate your offering. As we review your beer club(s) we may reach out to you if we have additional questions. Your beer club(s) will be published on our site typically within 5 business days of receiving your beer.

Why an Affiliate Program Network

We think the best way to work with beer clubs is via an Affiliate Program (whether it’s a third-party network or your own affiliate solution). This puts the onus on us to convert browsers into buyers.

This relationship facilitates unbiased reviews as we recommend the best beer clubs to our customers and receive a commission by sending satisfied customers your way.

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