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Beer Art for the Man Cave

$59.99 at Royal Mallard
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Gift Description for Customized Wall Art featuring Animals & Beer

Looking to class up your man cave, kitchen or home office with beer-themed art? Create your perfect beer drinking masterpiece with wall art from Royal Mallard. In just 3 easy steps, you can choose your favorite character, drink, and even the suit color!

With thousands of combinations, you can customize a canvas, print, or framed print to transform any room to match your favorite team or existing decor. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, contact them and they'll create it specifically for you!
Customized Wall Art featuring Animals & Beer from Royal Mallard
Customized Wall Art featuring Animals & Beer from Royal Mallard Beer Art for the Man Cave from Royal MallardBeer Art for the Man Cave from Royal MallardBeer Art for the Man Cave from Royal MallardBeer Art for the Man Cave from Royal Mallard

It's perfect for...

Craft Beer Lovers

For some, the act of drinking beer rises above “what you do on a Friday night” and is a full on hobby. These beer drinkers often read about beer online, frequent sites like Beer Advocate and RateBeer, have the Untappd app on their phones to track the beers they drink, and most importantly, make a habit out of finding and trying new beers to drink whenever possible. More about Craft Beer Lovers


Like most other hobbies, there are enthusiasts and there are do-it-yourselfers. Homebrewers are the do-it-yourselfers of the beer world, and they come in many assorted flavors More about Homebrewers

Lovers of the Other Beers

So, if they’re not a Homebrewer, and they’re not a Craft Beer Lover… what are they? Well, if you’re still planning to buy them a beer gift, odds are good their preferred drink is beer, they like to socialize with beer, they stock up on beer for home, and they probably even have a favorite beer that isn’t necessarily a craft beer.

According to the Brewers Association, a craft brewer is a small, independent, and traditional brewery. Since their definition of small includes up to 6 million barrels of beer produced each year, you might find it hard to tell which beers are actually craft beers and which are just regular beers, and you would be in good company More about Lovers of the Other Beers

IPA-Only Beer Lovers

You likely already know if your favorite beer drinker only drinks IPAs, as it’s the only beer they talk about. They only order IPAs (or Imperial, DIPA, and ESB variations) at bars and restaurants.

Much of the appeal of IPAs comes from intense bitterness and showcasing different types of hops, which impart different flavors to the beer More about IPA-Only Beer Lovers

Explorers & Adventurers

Many craft beer lovers enjoy discovering new beers just as much as they enjoy drinking them. They have a curious palate and jump on new beer trends, so they’re quick to order something they’ve never heard of just to check it out More about Explorers & Adventurers

Local Beer Enthusiasts

You may be familiar with a movement which encourages folks to buy local (locally-made goods are good for the local economy and jobs), eat local (farm-to-table restaurants source ingredients from within 100 miles of where they’re located), and drink local (this applies to both wineries and breweries). More about Local Beer Enthusiasts

Homebrewer Newbies & Wannabes

Maybe your beer lover is a homebrew wannabe… they’re knowledgable about beer and would like to make their own, but have some legitimate concerns that prevent them from getting started. These might be a perceived lack of brewing ingredient and equipment knowledge, lack of space, lack of time, lack of access to proper supplies, or any combination therein More about Homebrewer Newbies & Wannabes

Homebrew Beer Geeks

Imagine a mashup of Dr. Frankenstein (mad scientist) and a craft beer lover, where instead of creating monsters and making them come alive, your favorite homebrewer is contemplating the ingredients for the wort, picking yeast for its fermentation abilities, figuring out which beers are going in the kegerator, etc. More about Homebrew Beer Geeks

Aspiring Brewmasters

Some home brewers are a little less geeky about the whole homebrewing business. It’s a hobby, it’s fun, it gives them a chance to show off something they made from scratch and get positive feedback (hopefully) from their friends and family More about Aspiring Brewmasters

"Has a Favorite" Beer Lovers

Many, many beer drinkers have a favorite, a go-to, a beer they prefer above all others. Some make a lifelong commitment to such beers, and others just don’t want to be bothered with thinking about which beer they’re going to drink.

If it's not a craft beer, it's something the industry calls an Import or a Domestic beer More about "Has a Favorite" Beer Lovers

"Doesn't Have a Favorite" Beer Lovers

We have a soft spot for these beer drinkers that will drink whatever’s around because, quite simply, they like beer. All of it More about "Doesn't Have a Favorite" Beer Lovers

Buy Beer Art for the Man Cave

$59.99 at Royal Mallard
Shipping: Included