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Beer! Whether you’re a hopped up beer connoisseur or new to the world of craft beer there’s no better way to enjoy beer than to have a shipment delivered to your door every month.

Get access to the best craft beers in the world with a beer of the month club.

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We Review the Best Beer of the Month Clubs

  1. The Original Craft Beer Club. For craft beer drinkers at all levels of enthusiasm.
  2. Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club. For sophisticated beer drinkers (The Rare Beer Club) and lovers of American and International beer, too.
  3. Clubs Galore (International Beer of the Month Club). For casual drinkers of beer from around the world.
  4. Clubs of America (The Great American Beer Club). For casual drinkers of American beer.

A Super Awesome Beer Club for Serious Beer Aficionados

The Noble Brewer
This beer club is quarterly and it features home brewers who are doing exceptional work. They are invited into a real brewery to make a one-time production of their attention-getting beer. This is TRULY craft beer at its most noble. Note: We have not yet reviewed this beer of the month club.

Beer Clubs as a Gift!

Nothing beats getting a box of the finest craft beers in the mail—except getting it as a gift! We help you choose the best beer club gift by highlighting the gift-worthiest beer clubs.

Beer clubs make for a great gift because they’re easy to order and can be sent last-minute.

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We've Found the Best Beer Gift Companies, too!

  1. The largest selection of beer gifts online, whether it's gift baskets, home brew kits, apparel, or other fun beer stuff, they've got you covered.
  2. The Bro Basket. Not only do these guys feature great quality beers, but you can pick which beers! And some gifts let you pick what additional items are included so you get it just right.
  3. California Delicious. These fun gift baskets focus on telling your favorite beer drinker how much you care. There are good quality California beers in these baskets, but they're pretty widely available so it's more about the presentation with these gifts.

Beer of the month clubs are hot items right now—especially for Father’s Day, Graduations, and Birthdays. Whether you’re looking for a beer of the month for yourself or as a gift, we’ve got you covered.

We started this site so we could learn more about beer, but that was over three years ago and man have we learned a lot about beer. One thing we’ve learned is that beer drinkers are often even pickier about what they drink than wine drinkers are! We’ve also learned that craft beer has exploded on the market, with new craft breweries opening every week around the country, and that a great selection of craft beer is now available at most grocery stores, too.

What is Craft Beer?

“Craft beer” is a marketing term. It implies beers with smaller productions and skilled, creative brewing which results in a handcrafted beer-drinking experience. It’s meant to be the opposite of brands like Budweiser, Corona, Heineken, etc. In reality, you’ll see craft brew slapped on labels of all kinds of beers, and you never really know if you’re getting that artisanal beer experience you were hoping for… unless you buy through a trusted source!

What are some trusted sources for buying beer online?

We like buying our beer (and wine) from “monthly club” subscription services. Why? Because the selection available to us at stores is simultaneously too big to comprehend and too limited to breweries that have good access to distributors. Instead, we like our monthly beers to be hand-selected by beer lovers like us, who are more interested in helping us discover new beer styles and breweries than they are pushing their hottest new brand on us. Plus, this way we don’t have to learn which breweries are making “the beer of the month” because the beer clubs already know.

The Beer Lovers Behind

We are beer club experts and not craft brew masters or certified beer judges. Beer tastes are personal and subjective so we've assembled this crack team with differing levels of expertise to help us evaluate the beer clubs from several unique perspectives.

Additionally, we defer to the wisdom of other beer drinkers, like yourself, by incorporating average user ratings from websites like and into our scoring system. This research helps us get a general sense of the popularity of the beers included in each beer club.

The Beer of the Month Club Review Process

Our beer club reviews consist of several steps to ensure the clubs we have reviewed are well researched and thoroughly vetted. The beer club review process includes:

Check Out the Beers: We taste the beer! We maintain ongoing subscriptions to our favorite clubs and re-evaluate 3-star clubs when we’ve learned that they have updated or improved their offerings. Receiving the shipments ourselves gives us a first-hand look at the nuts and bolts of the beer club so we can provide you with the most reliable information possible. We also review the beers each beer club has sent in the past (as shown on their own website or, if needed, as requested via email). We verify user and expert ratings of the beers to help us evaluate the quality and price-competitiveness of the beer club.

Review the Newsletters: Discovery and learning about new beers are important reasons for joining a beer club and a well-written newsletter helps you learn more about craft breweries from across the country and across the world, understand the brewing process of the beer you’re about to sample, and find additional information to help you better understand the world of craft beer.

Read the Fine Print: We check all marketing copy, customer service information, FAQ pages, and return policies. When we find holes in the information, we contact the beer clubs to make sure we know what they will do for their customers and what they won’t. For example when we see a satisfaction guarantee we make sure the company honors it. We use this bend-over-backwards information-gathering approach to help us rate beer clubs.

“There is no such thing as a bad beer. It’s that some taste better than others.”
–Billy Carter

About Our Beer Club Ratings System

Our goal is to help you find the better beers by signing up for the best beer clubs, which is why we’ve come up with a beer club rating system that separates the winners from the losers.

We rate beer clubs using the following criteria:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Discovery—exposure to new beer styles or hard-to-find craft brews
  • Trustworthiness—the beer club shares information readily because they have nothing to hide
  • Education—well written beer club newsletters matter
  • Customer Service Policies
  • Flexibility on length of subscription, billing frequency, and shipping frequency
  • Reorder discounts
  • Introductory offers & gifts

Beer Clubs Gifts are Great!

Are you considering giving a beer of the month club subscription as a gift? You’ve got the right idea! Beer clubs make for a great gift because they’re easy to order, will remind the recipient of you with every shipment, and can be sent last-minute in case you're a slacker. We’ve gone through the trouble of drinking beer after beer (yes, it’s a tough job!) so that you can find the best beer club to give as a gift.

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Thirsty For More Beer Club Info?

If you want to learn more about beer of the month clubs, then check out the other information we’ve put together:

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Best Beer Club Award-Winner!

Best Beer of the Month Clubs

The Rare Beer Club
by Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

Beer Club Rating: This Beer Club is rated 5 stars

The king of premium beer clubs—offering elite, hard-to-find beers from the best American craft brewers and leading international breweries.

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Best Beer Club Award-Winner!

Best American Beer of the Month Clubs

Craft Beer Club
by The Original Craft Beer Club

Beer Club Rating: This Beer Club is rated 5 stars

What makes this club the best: Variety and a commitment to discovering award-winning beers from all over the US.

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Best Beer Club Award-Winner!

Best Craft Beer of the Month Club

Craft Beer Club
by The Original Craft Beer Club

Beer Club Rating: This Beer Club is rated 5 stars

Craft beers are made in small batches by independent brewers. Unique and delicious, craft beers turn casual beer fans into connoisseurs.

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Best Beer Club Award-Winner!

Best Cheap Beer of the Month Clubs

Craft Beer Club
by The Original Craft Beer Club

Beer Club Rating: This Beer Club is rated 5 stars

Exceptional value and elite beers come together in this steal of a beer club. Free Shipping on every monthly delivery.

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