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6G Craft Beer Kit Extra

$235.00 at BrewDemon
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There are so many homebrew starter kits out there that it might be tempting to shop by price or to choose who advertises the most, but most of these home brew kits will disappoint after a couple of batches. There's nothing wrong the kits themselves, and each kit has its pros and cons, but what separates these kits from each other for us is what kind of beer you can make in them.

Technically you can make any kind of beer you want in any homebrew setup. What we've discovered though is that the beer kits available for smaller fermenters produce merely okay beer. If your beer lover wants to brew his or her own beer using brew kits from well-known breweries, they'll find they're pre-measured for 5-gallon fermenters. If your beer lover is not a mathematician, then that might get challenging (like splitting a recipe that serves six into recipe for two).

For this reason, we recommend the BrewDemon 6-gallon kit (the extra gallon is neither good nor bad, it's just how they sell them). Especially for IPA-lovers. They'll be able to buy beer ingredient kits for famous beers like Pliny the Elder and Firestone Walker DBA.

This gift is in the IPA Beer Gift Ideas & Gift Guide

For a craft beer geek who just can’t get enough, homebrewing is a great opportunity to get an even deeper level of knowledge. If you think you’ve got an IPA lover who wants to begin homebrewing, it’s important to pick out the right starter kit from among the two dozen available. We’ve selected this particular starter kit for this reason: the best IPA beer kits (the ingredients your future chemist will use to create his favorite beers) are only available in 5-gallon packages. Most starter kits only let you make 1-2 gallons at a time.The math gets complicated quickly, so we recommend this BrewDemon 6-gallon starter kit (the extra gallon isn’t a problem) which will allow your IPA lover to choose brew kits for the top IPAs from the best breweries.

Homebrew Starter Kit for Craft Beer Connoisseurs from BrewDemon
Homebrew Starter Kit for Craft Beer Connoisseurs from BrewDemon 6G Craft Beer Kit Extra from BrewDemon6G Craft Beer Kit Extra from BrewDemon6G Craft Beer Kit Extra from BrewDemonBrewDemon Logo

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Craft Beer Lovers

For some, the act of drinking beer rises above “what you do on a Friday night” and is a full on hobby. These beer drinkers often read about beer online, frequent sites like Beer Advocate and RateBeer, have the Untappd app on their phones to track the beers they drink, and most importantly, make a habit out of finding and trying new beers to drink whenever possible. More about Craft Beer Lovers


Like most other hobbies, there are enthusiasts and there are do-it-yourselfers. Homebrewers are the do-it-yourselfers of the beer world, and they come in many assorted flavors More about Homebrewers

IPA-Only Beer Lovers

You likely already know if your favorite beer drinker only drinks IPAs, as it’s the only beer they talk about. They only order IPAs (or Imperial, DIPA, and ESB variations) at bars and restaurants.

Much of the appeal of IPAs comes from intense bitterness and showcasing different types of hops, which impart different flavors to the beer More about IPA-Only Beer Lovers

Homebrewer Newbies & Wannabes

Maybe your beer lover is a homebrew wannabe… they’re knowledgable about beer and would like to make their own, but have some legitimate concerns that prevent them from getting started. These might be a perceived lack of brewing ingredient and equipment knowledge, lack of space, lack of time, lack of access to proper supplies, or any combination therein More about Homebrewer Newbies & Wannabes

Buy 6G Craft Beer Kit Extra

$235.00 at BrewDemon
Shipping: $8.00