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The SUB ® from Hopsy

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Gift Description for Compact Draft Beer Appliance & Beer

Most beer lovers agree that nothing is better than beer on tap. Unfortunately that usually limits them to local beer and widely distributed beer — not great for the craft beer lover who wants to try new beer all of the time. Previously the best way to get beer on tap at home was to purchase a Kegerator (a refrigerator modified to hold a keg) and commit to one kind of beer for several weeks. Not any more!

THE SUB ® is a countertop appliance that delivers fresh beer via 2L Torps (short for torpedos, which of course go on submarines).

This gift is in the IPA Beer Gift Ideas & Gift Guide

Beer tastes best fresh and it tastes best on draft. For the IPA-lover, freshness and draft service help enhance the aromatics coming from the hops, which is the essence of what makes an IPA so enjoyable. This new countertop appliance (built by Krups) is called THE SUB ® and it lets anyone (in Hopsy's delivery areas) enjoy fresh craft beer at home without sacrificing space to a Kegerator. This VIP Pack includes THE SUB ® and 4 Torps (2L of beer each) plus a host of extras making this the best value IPA gift available.

Compact Draft Beer Appliance & Beer from Amazon
Compact Draft Beer Appliance & Beer from Amazon The SUB ® from Hopsy from AmazonThe SUB ® from Hopsy from AmazonAmazon Logo

The Best Way to Give Hopsy: The SUB ® VIP Pack

The VIP Pack includes THE SUB ® and 4 2L Torps of your beer lover's choice.

This awesome starter package also includes significant bonus goodies: a $50 Hopsy Gift Card that never expires, 2 Hopsy craft beer tasting glasses by German glass manufacturer Rastal, the iconic Hopsy Trucker Hat, and the Hopsy "Support Local Craft Beer" t-shirt.

Hopsy's The SUB® and a torp

Hopsy (Like All Beer Clubs) Is Not Available Everywhere

You can currently give the The SUB® Club to people living in: California, Connecticut, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virgina, Washington, and Washington D.C.

Buy The SUB ® from Hopsy

$198.99 at Amazon
Shipping: Included

It's perfect for...

Craft Beer Lovers

For some, the act of drinking beer rises above “what you do on a Friday night” and is a full on hobby. These beer drinkers often read about beer online, frequent sites like Beer Advocate and RateBeer, have the Untappd app on their phones to track the beers they drink, and most importantly, make a habit out of finding and trying new beers to drink whenever possible. More about Craft Beer Lovers

IPA-Only Beer Lovers

You likely already know if your favorite beer drinker only drinks IPAs, as it’s the only beer they talk about. They only order IPAs (or Imperial, DIPA, and ESB variations) at bars and restaurants.

Much of the appeal of IPAs comes from intense bitterness and showcasing different types of hops, which impart different flavors to the beer More about IPA-Only Beer Lovers

Explorers & Adventurers

Many craft beer lovers enjoy discovering new beers just as much as they enjoy drinking them. They have a curious palate and jump on new beer trends, so they’re quick to order something they’ve never heard of just to check it out More about Explorers & Adventurers

Local Beer Enthusiasts

You may be familiar with a movement which encourages folks to buy local (locally-made goods are good for the local economy and jobs), eat local (farm-to-table restaurants source ingredients from within 100 miles of where they’re located), and drink local (this applies to both wineries and breweries). More about Local Beer Enthusiasts

Buy The SUB ® from Hopsy

$198.99 at Amazon
Shipping: Included

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