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Blue Moon Beer Gift

$84.00 at Give Them Beer
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Gift Description for Blue Moon Beer Gift

Getting beer in the mail is awesome. Getting your favorite beer paired with snacks is even more awesome. This Blue Moon gift basket comes with six bottles of easy-drinking American-style wheat beer.

Blue Moon is inspired by the traditional Belgian Wit style of beer, but it's spiced up with Valencia orange peel and coriander. The gourmet snacks included in this gift are:

  • Dipping Pretzels
  • Beer Nuts
  • Jalapeno Lime Peanuts
  • Chocolate Sea Salt Brittle
  • Pistachios

Add a personal touch with a free drinking accessories package: "Cheers to You," "21st Birthday," "Get Well," and "Birthday Beer."

Blue Moon Beer Gift from Give Them Beer
Blue Moon Beer Gift from Give Them Beer Blue Moon Beer Gift from Give Them BeerGive Them Beer LogoGive Them Beer Logo

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Lovers of the Other Beers

So, if they’re not a Homebrewer, and they’re not a Craft Beer Lover… what are they? Well, if you’re still planning to buy them a beer gift, odds are good their preferred drink is beer, they like to socialize with beer, they stock up on beer for home, and they probably even have a favorite beer that isn’t necessarily a craft beer.

According to the Brewers Association, a craft brewer is a small, independent, and traditional brewery. Since their definition of small includes up to 6 million barrels of beer produced each year, you might find it hard to tell which beers are actually craft beers and which are just regular beers, and you would be in good company More about Lovers of the Other Beers

"Has a Favorite" Beer Lovers

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Buy Blue Moon Beer Gift

$84.00 at Give Them Beer
Shipping: $15.00