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Budweiser Gift 12 Pack Crate

$79.00 at Give Them Beer
Shipping: $15.00

Gift Description for Budweiser Gift Crate

When you want to send someone a Budweiser gift, your choices might seem limited to stopping at the store and picking up a case, but not so! Why skimp on gifting effort just because your favorite beer lover's favorite beer is everywhere? This wood gift crate comes chock full of beer (12 16-oz Budweiser beers in aluminum bottles) and snacks.

Snacks in this gift:

  • Dipping Pretzels
  • Beer Nuts Peanuts
  • Chocolate Sea Salt Brittle
  • Cheese Straws
  • 5 O'Clock Crunch Snack Mix
Budweiser Gift Crate from Give Them Beer
Budweiser Gift Crate from Give Them Beer Budweiser Gift 12 Pack Crate from Give Them BeerGive Them Beer LogoGive Them Beer Logo

It's perfect for...

Lovers of the Other Beers

So, if they’re not a Homebrewer, and they’re not a Craft Beer Lover… what are they? Well, if you’re still planning to buy them a beer gift, odds are good their preferred drink is beer, they like to socialize with beer, they stock up on beer for home, and they probably even have a favorite beer that isn’t necessarily a craft beer.

According to the Brewers Association, a craft brewer is a small, independent, and traditional brewery. Since their definition of small includes up to 6 million barrels of beer produced each year, you might find it hard to tell which beers are actually craft beers and which are just regular beers, and you would be in good company More about Lovers of the Other Beers

"Has a Favorite" Beer Lovers

Many, many beer drinkers have a favorite, a go-to, a beer they prefer above all others. Some make a lifelong commitment to such beers, and others just don’t want to be bothered with thinking about which beer they’re going to drink.

If it's not a craft beer, it's something the industry calls an Import or a Domestic beer More about "Has a Favorite" Beer Lovers

Buy Budweiser Gift 12 Pack Crate

$79.00 at Give Them Beer
Shipping: $15.00